Europe Healthy B.V.

We want to introduce our company, Europe Health  BV, to you. Europe Health  BV is a Medical traveling company residing in the Netherlands.

Europe Health  BV is working closely together with hospitals, clinics, diagnostic laboratories in all parts of Iraq and also the ministry of Health in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Europe Health  BV provides patients from the Kurdistan region with access to high quality treatment in The Netherlands. For this we cooperate with renowned hospitals in the Netherlands including The Erasmus MC, St Franciscus Gasthuis, Ikazia hospital in Rotterdam, Amsterdam academic hospital in Amsterdfam, Elisabeth hospital in Tilburg and Waalwijk. Also, many hospitals in Belgium and Germany.

Health tourism
Europe Health  BV provides mediation for patients who need to receive treatment in a European country. EH supports the whole process from Visa application to finding the best treatment facility, housing and translation services. For this EH has an extended network in The Netherlands comprising high quality healthcare providers.

Patients who are interested in this service can contact Europe Health  BV to receive further information on the procedure.

Health tourism:

“Mediation for patients who need to receive treatment in a European country”

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